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The Mercury


Wherever Covid-19 restrictions are applied they have a negative socio-economic effect. Business Report of August 5 notes the setback business has again suffered from the recent lockdown while Liberty Holdings paid out 61% more on mortality claims. Yet none of those negatives need occur if the truth about the so-called Covid-19 pandemic was widely appreciated.

In 2015, then President Obama stated that there was a virus that had been discovered which would become threatening in five years’ time. To allay fears, he gave the assurance that measures to combat the virus were in place. His speech can be seen on Youtube, if it has not been removed.

As Obama predicted, the virus –Covid-19 – erupted in 2020. In terms of the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the ‘Great Reset’ adopted by the Davos oligarchs led by Karl Schwab, the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ is the means by which societies and economies are to be transformed, hence lockdowns, social distancing, masking, suspension of civil liberties, closure of churches, restaurants, schools and so on.

To date we have been subjected to this three times with each so-called Covid wave. Now  reference is being made to a fourth wave. This rollercoaster experience is scheduled to last for five years by which time the architects of the Great Reset expect to have effected the major socio-economic changes they desire.

Their primary aim is to destroy the middle class, impoverish the masses and create dependency on government. Already, thanks to the Covid restrictions twenty percent of small businesses have been wiped out to the detriment of millions of employees. Now we have a Basic Income Grant being added to the already overloaded welfare system. This is in line with the Reset aim of a socialist society where all but the elite are dependent on the state.

Fortunately, there is a pushback against the Orwellian designs of Schwab and the Reset. Several states in the US have rescinded the mandatory wearing of masks and have reverted to open social and economic practice. In contrast to the draconian Covid restrictions imposed by countries like Australia is the experience of Sweden.

Since the onset of the so-called Covid ‘pandemic,’ Sweden did not apply a lockdown nor did it make mask-wearing mandatory. Yet its mortality rates remained almost consistent with past years. The province of Alberta in Canada, on August 3, ended facemask conformity and Covid quarantines.

Unless there is strong civil pushback and rejection of this completely unnecessary, rollercoaster cycle of Covid restrictions being turned on and off at the whim of politicians, South Africa’s economy, already disabled by ANC socialism, is never going to recover. More people have died of TB in past years yet it was never branded as a pandemic nor were civil liberties impeded. If Covid was a pandemic 30% of the population would already be dead.


MEDIA IGNORING RISE OF MARXISM IN USA - sent to several newspapers 24 July 2021


In a speech to Western diplomats on November 18, 1956 Soviet Communist boss Nikita Krushchev boasted that it would not be necessary for communism to invade the US because America would succumb to communism without a shot being fired.

Sixty five years later it seems Kruschev’s boast is materialising under the Biden Administration. ‘Marxism in small doses,’ has long been the strategy by which countries are subverted. Since the accession of the Biden Administration to power, that process has seen a remarkable acceleration. Yet, ironically, it seems to have escaped the scrutiny of the mass media which never missed an opportunity to rubbish the Trump Administration.

Sowing division in society is a primary aspect of Marxist strategy. Since the arrival of the Manchurian president in office, his primary message has been to promote discord amongst Americans. In his July 4 message, Biden flagrantly asserted that election reforms being promoted by Trump Republicans requiring voter ID posed “the greatest threat to the US since the Civil War.”

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is officially  Biden Administration policy. Fundamentally incompatible with the traditional values and heritage of the US, it is a Marxist strategy to subvert history and heritage, the flag and love for one’s country while promoting racial division, demonising political opponents and labelling white people as racists bent on supremacy.  Biden’s Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin, paused all US military operations for 60 days specifically to “root out white supremacy.”  The five million-strong National Education Association of teachers is adamant that it will apply CRT regardless of the opposition of parents and schools. To date 22 states have banned CRT.



The Mercury

KAUNDA DID ZAMBIA NO FAVOURS  - posted 28 June 2021

Interpreting failure as success seems to be an ability the likes of Shannon Ebrahim exhibit on a regular basis when writing about Africa's post-colonial history. Her article eulogising Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia is a case in point (The Mercury, June 25).

Her claim that Kaunda was one of Africa's towering heroes may make sense from a socialist perspective, but in terms of freedom and democracy in Zambia, his 27 years were a disaster. Two years after achieving independence Kaunda banned all opposition in 1966, imprisoned Simon Kapwepe, the Opposition leader, and declared Zambia a one-party state.

By 1969 Kaunda had nationalised all industries, particularly the copper mines, Zambia's chief revenue earner. Poverty and penury followed as a result of Kaunda's socialism and his mis-named policy of Zambian humanism. Twice, in 1985 and 1989, Zambia required IMF bail-outs as a result of the dire straits into which Kaunda's socialist policies had plunged  Zambia's economy.

The post-colonial ruin of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique,Tanzania and so many other African states as a result of

socialism should be the subject of critical scrutiny rather than disingenuous attempts at eulogy. Kaunda did Zambia no favours.



The Editor

The Mercury

NO MERIT IN BIDEN’S CHANGES  - posted March 27, 2021

Given the uncritical coverage of the Biden Administration by the mass media, Jean Michel’s credulous account of the working of the Biden Administration (The Mercury, March 26) is not surprising.

Claiming that Biden has replaced incompetence with competency, callousness with empathy, lies with truth and provided financial relief, simply does not square with the facts.

Although Biden has described the present as a “dark winter,” he threw 15,000 people out of their jobs by stopping work on the Keystone Pipeline. As a result 14 states are suing his Administration over its moratorium on gas and energy production which has resulted in a 30% increase in fuel costs.

The claim that Biden has promoted financial relief is cynical to say the least, particularly as regards his $1.9 trillion relief package. Only nine percent of that actually went to the American people in the form of $1,400 cheques – as opposed to the $2,000 Trump had recommended. The rest went on political projects that have nothing to do with Covid relief. In that connection, Covid vaccines are available only because of the initiative and alacrity of Trump’s Operation Warp-speed policy.

Biden’s callousness goes further. He has a $3 trillion tax hike lined up which is set to impoverish Americans by reversing Trump’s tax reductions: small business tax to rise from 31% to 40%; corporate tax from 21% to 28%; capital gains tax from 20% to 40%; estate duty from 0% to 40%; higher taxes on individuals earning more than $200,000.

Whereas Trump had stabilised the southern border, Biden’s open border policy has produced an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. In February, 101,500 immigrants surged across the border. Among them are drug lords, rapists, murderers, human traffickers. Children are being abused to justify adult access. More than 13,000 children are being held in cages that the Obama/Biden Administration built.  

Although Mexican President Lopez has accused Biden of causing the crisis, Biden claims there is no crisis. When asked when she is going to visit the border, Kamala Harris laughed and said there was no urgency. Yet while the National Guard are on duty in Washington DC and have to sleep on the floors of garages and warehouses, Biden has authorised $86 million for border immigrants to be housed in hotels.

Whereas foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger hailed Trump’s Abraham Accords between Israel and the UAE as “brilliant” in stabilising the Middle East, Biden is reneging on them by appeasing the Iran terror regime.

Although God-fearing principles and values guided America’s founding fathers, with regard to the Democrats’ Equality Act, which denies God’s creation of man and woman and sanctions abortion at term, New York Democrat Congressman, Jerry Nadler, stated on March 8 that “God’s will is of no concern to this Congress.” History shows that fate is not kind to those who mock God.



The Editor

The Mercury



The Mercury’s editorial of March 11 titled ‘Unity and renewal of the ruling party has failed,’ hopefully marks a turning point in the outlook that has characterised the paper over most of the past decade.

Observing that the ANC is “an organisation at war with itself” and has become “self-destructing,” is a refreshingly candid and long overdue assessment of the political realities that have reduced South Africa to bankruptcy and large-scale dysfunctionalism.

At the root of this denouement is the fact that the principle on which our constitution is based – one law for one nation – is neither respected nor upheld by the ANC. If it was, then the jails would be crowded with ANC cadres and comrades who have failed to uphold the oath of public office by dereliction of duty, blatant theft, dishonesty and malfeasance of every kind.

Thus, the question the editorial posed, namely, “where does this leave the electorate,” should shape a bold, new approach to our politics. The primary need for this is obvious: South Africa’s future is doomed under continued ANC misrule. Any political party that prioritises itself ahead of the country is not just unworthy of office but must be denied office.

The second fundamental reason to cease supporting the ANC is that its socialist ideology is incapable of socio-economic upliftment. If that was not the case, the USSR would not have collapsed and people would not be clamouring to escape from socialist Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela.

Having recognised those basic realities characterising the total unsuitability of the ANC to have any role in government, The Mercury should now focus positively on the alternative policies offered by the major opposition parties, the DA, IFP and FF Plus.

Instead of largely ignoring them or trying to rubbish their particular idiosyncrasies, The Mercury should be advancing the benefits of dismantling the ideology of demographic representivity in favour of the principle of merit. It should be promoting the dismantling of restrictive labour legislation and the abolition of B-BBEE as handbrakes on economic growth and job creation. It should be vigorously opposing property expropriation without compensation.

Those are the stark alternatives to the ANC.They are the cure for the dire circumstances that prevail. Propagate them so the electorate can deliver a coalition to evict the ANC from power.


Ryk de Klerk

Business Report columnist

Perspective on the US dollar  - posted 4 March 2021


 Your analysis in BR March 1 about the US market has prompted me to respond in terms of the perspective I have which is History-based because that is my field.

The ‘Great Re-set,’ as it is termed, which has been and is exploiting the Covid situation, aims at reasserting Central Bank control over the US economy. This is markedly apparent since the advent of the Biden Administration which is rapidly reversing Trump’s economic and financial initiatives, with particular reference to the Federal Reserve.

In 2018, Trump reincorporated the Federal Reserve into the US Treasury. By doing so he displaced the independence of the Fed. In terms of Article 1, section 8 of the US Constitution only Congress has the power “to coin money and to regulate the value thereof.” That function is not granted to a private institution which is what the Fed is. Established in 1913, its existence is constitutionally not in accord with the central principle of the US Constitution which is premised on the three introductory words: ‘We the People.’

Have a look at a US dollar. At the top above the image of Washington, are the words “Federal Reserve Note.” In other words, the dollar is not issued by the US Treasury but is actually a debt note printed by the Fed and bought by the US Government from the Fed at a cost in interest. The Fed determines interest rates, not the US Treasury. And the Fed creates those dollars out of fresh air.  By re-establishing control over the issue of coin and backing it up with gold, Trump aimed to stabilise the dollar and put an end to the endless arbitrary manipulation of money and its value by an unelected power.

Trump’s action of course, has infuriated the central banking system which is the driver of globalism – the very opposite of Trump’s ‘America First’ policy. And that has been the main underlying reason why the mainstream media which is owned by the financial elite subjected Trump’s Administration to a relentless negative, vindictive vendetta.

What is also frustrating the central bank moguls is the rise of Bitcoin and the resurgence of gold. As purveyors of a fiat money system, the central bankers do not want people to be independent of them which is what Bitcoin and gold facilitate.  The fact that Bitcoin and gold have hit highs of late, is an embarrassment to the central bankers because those highs are reflective of the declining value the market places on their fiat currency, the Fed dollar.

Significantly, Janet Yellen, who was the Fed boss, is Biden’s Treasury Secretary.  So, the choppy waters of which you wrote in BR of March 1, are all part of a titanic struggle being waged between the proponents of globalism and their agenda to  extend control over the world’s foremost sovereign state, the USA, and those who seek to retain and sustain US sovereignty. The Biden Administration is simply the servant of the globalists and their Re-set agenda.                      --------------------------

The Mercury



By its passage of the mis-named Equality Act on February 25, the Democrat-led US House of Representatives  has provided full expression to the adage “those whom the gods would condemn, they first make mad.”

By denying the Biblically-referenced, God-ordained distinction between male and female and indicting those who refuse to comply with their perverted legislation, the Biden-Democrat rulers of the USA have mocked God and violated the values and rights expressed in the preamble of the US Constitution and its first amendment.

If “cancel culture” is one of the thrusts of the Biden-Democrat regime, then the Equality Act is very much on-message. It obliges schools, churches, clubs, institutions and hospitals to abandon male/ female distinctions regardless of religious and moral beliefs and perceptions. It mandates schools to instruct little children in grades one to three to choose whether they want to be male or female. Besides the madness of that, the Act seeks to supersede the role of parents and family life with regard to biological education. It compels ablution and change-room facilities and sporting teams to be open to anyone since gender is not the criterion.

It weaponises Federal grants and loans by denying accreditation to colleges and institutions which do not comply with the Act. It compels those affiliated with the medical profession to conduct gender transition treatments and surgery regardless of their beliefs.

This legislative abomination reflects the extent to which Biblical precepts have been abandoned in American public life. In that regard, the silence of those who applauded the onset of the Biden presidency as a “breath of fresh air” that would make America “a better place,” is deafening.




The Mercury

LIFTING THE LID ON BIDEN’S AMERICA    - posted Feb 21, 2021


Whereas every aspect of Trump’s presidency was subjected to negative scrutiny and disparagement, to date Biden’s Executive Orders and the proposed legislation of the Democrats enjoy kid-gloves treatment from the mainstream media and silence from those who hailed Biden as “a breath of fresh air” which “made America a better place.”

After all the denials about electoral fraud, Time magazine, in an article  titled “The Secret history of the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election,”   has noted  that efforts were made “not at rigging the election but fortifying it.” It justified  the work of “a well-funded cabal of powerful people working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and steer media coverage” as “necessary steps towards saving our democracy.”

In referring to “our democracy,” Time does not refer to the American people but to “a broad coalition of interests – Congress, Silicon Valley and the nation’s statehouses.” Its interpretation of democracy thus leaves no doubt that a Biden/Harris victory served the “coalition of interests” and that 75 million Trump voters are irrelevant.

Beyond Time’s acknowledgement of electoral manipulation, what are not making headlines are the details of two Democrat Bills: HR 1, will effectively destroy the worth of US citizenship and perpetuate election corruption. HR 127, will emasculate the second amendment - the right to bear arms.

HR 1, For the People’s Act, legitimises all the faults and failings which were exposed in the 2020 election. It establishes, inter alia:

·       Mandatory mail-in voting; allows ballots without postmarks and  voting in precincts where you don’t live; removes signature verification; eliminates the need for voter ID or a Social Security number; automatically registers anyone as a voter who obtains a driver’s licence;  withdraws the requirement of a witness signature to obtain or cast an absentee ballot. Permits any person to deliver an absentee ballot and puts no limit on how many ballots a person may deliver. Permits ballots being accepted after voting day.

·       Requires lawsuits challenging the voting results to be filed only in DC and all opposition consolidated into a single brief.

·        Dismantles states’ powers to run their own elections as prescribed by section 5 of Article 1 of the US constitution, and prescribes “uniform standards” to “avoid disparity.”

HR 127 aims at civilian disarmament by eroding the second amendment. It requires:

·       Psychological evaluations for prospective gun owners along with at least two household members. Tests would be framed by the A-G and require payment of $800 as “insurance fees.”

·       Disqualifies anyone with a medical record of addiction or depression from obtaining a gun licence.

·       Notification of the A-G if a gun owner sells a weapon or transfers it to someone else. Fines of up to $150,000 and prison sentences of up to 25 years apply.

·       Licensed gun owners’ residence location, contact details, DNA, finger prints and proof of weapon storage would be public knowledge.

·       The Bill makes provision for victims of gun violence to sue gun manufacturers.

Biden and the Democrats are bent on the progressive erosion of the US constitution as part of the so-called “reset initiative” which has socialist roots.




The Mercury


Tactically the way to advance an agenda is to denigrate those who oppose it. It’s called red herring journalism and is being applied by the mass media in its attempt to render globalism as a desirable end. Shannon Ebrahim’s pejorative article on Trump and the Republican Party (The Mercury, January 15) is a case in point.

In striving to substantiate her red herring, Ebrahim liberally infuses it with standard globalist derogatory terms. Four times she brandishes the words “lies” and “racist” without specifying any context.  “White supremacist,”  “sexist” and “riots” complete the lexicon of demonization. She cites Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels as saying that a lie gains credibility if it is repeated often enough. Ironically, that is exactly what the mass media are attempting to achieve regarding Trump and his supporters.

Claiming that Trump is a threat to US pluralism is nonsense. His support base encompasses all shades and stripes of US society. Claiming that he incited a riot on January 6 is a blatant falsehood. FBI investigation shows that the storming of the Capitol commenced while his supporters were still listening to his address and that it was a planned operation carried out by BLM and Antifa thugs equipped with sledgehammers, crowbars and climbing ropes. Nowhere is his address did Trump exhort violence or vandalism.

There is incontrovertible evidence of electoral fraud. Dominion voting machines were subject to manipulation by China. Votes were flipped and also assigned to voters who had not voted. Errors were generated which were not subjected to oversight and audit. The lame excuse by Chief Justice John Roberts, who is aligned with the elite swamp establishment,  that claims of electoral fraud did not have “legal standing,” provided  grounds for lower courts to evade ruling on the issue and in some cases exposed the deep state influence within the judicial fraternity.

In true red herring style, Ebrahim avoids any scrutiny of Biden’s agenda and dismisses the Republican claim that Biden and the Democrats will usher in socialism. Pledged to reverse all Trump’s economic policies which have liberated small businesses from the stifling volume of Obama regulation, brought businesses back to America and reduced unemployment to its lowest since 1970, Biden aims to increase taxes in order to finance the influx of more Americans dependent on welfare. That is socialism.

 Globalism seeks to destroy national sovereignty by insisting on open borders, resetting the capitalist system in favour of the elite and Big Tech while subjecting the masses to increasing dependence on the state and its dictates. That is alien to American values and traditions and is why 75 million Americans supported


The Mercury


If half of Narendh Ganesh’s hyperventilation against President Trump had a shred of truth, then his criticism of golfing great Gary Player for accepting the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump might be justified (The Mercury, January 11).

Unfortunately, Ganesh is afflicted by TDS -Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Having challenged him in other forums, he persists in claiming that Trump is a white supremacist despite the fact that Trump has repeatedly rejected that charge; that he has “shown disdain for African-Americans, Asian and Latin Americans” when his voter support from those communities surpasses that of any previous Republican president.

 Ganesh falsely accuses Trump of separating Mexican children from their parents. The fact is those children were deliberately thrust across the border as decoys for adults to gain access to the US on the grounds that the children were their own. A pity Ganesh does not read up about how in Obama’s time illegal immigrant children were kept in cages.

If there is a democratic fibre in Ganesh he should at least acknowledge that 74 million Americans voted for Trump. Thus, claiming  Player’s award does not represent the American people is badly out of focus. The same applies to his charge that Trump has led America to the brink of a civil war. The bangers of that drum are the mass media and their cohorts which condoned the anarchy in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis and Michigan and which deny the massive electoral fraud in the November election.

The divide in America is between globalists and American nationalists of all races. The divide is between those who seek to transform the US into an Orwellian hemisphere with open borders and socialist hegemony and those who seek to uphold the US constitution, heritage, history and sovereignty.

In conclusion, although Ganesh clearly cannot keep politics out of sport, he should be reminded that Gary Player often played golf with apartheid Prime Minister BJ Vorster.



The Witness

GUTTER JOURNALISM  - posted 8 January 2021

Since 2016, the mainstream media has made a vocation out of denigrating Donald Trump to the extent that their prejudice has become paranoid. In that context, The Witness editorial of January 6 really outdoes itself in virulence – and without a shred of justification.

Harvard law Professor Alan Dershowitz has dismissed the furore over Trump’s phone call to Raffensberger  as “no crime there. Period.” Having perused the 50 page transcript he noted that Trump asked for the votes of people who voted for him to be found. He did not ask for votes to be created.

Your clichéd references to Trump “abusing his position,” “malfeasance” and “grim chapter of US history” have zero credibility because they are completely at odds with the facts. Trump carried out all the promises he made in his 2016 election campaign, an achievement of which no other president can boast. Above all, Trump put America first, unlike his predecessors, particularly Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Domestically he reversed the socialist economic policies of Obama which hobbled commerce, took 8 million people off food stamps, reduced unemployment to its lowest point since 1970, brought jobs back to America from Mexico and China, re-negotiated trade deals that favoured America and spurred economic growth to levels last seen thirty years ago. He rebuilt the military which Obama had neglected and stemmed the flow of illegal immigrants to the US by building a security wall.

Morally he endorsed pro-life and was proactive in emphasising the importance of Almighty God in America’s existence. He upheld American history and heritage while his opponents were complicit in tearing down statues, renaming places and denouncing America’s past. Trump defended law and order while his opponents defunded the police and tolerated vandalism and anarchy in Portland and Minneapolis.

He reversed the treasonous Obama/Kerry nuclear deal with Iran, met directly with the North Korean dictator which none of the three previous presidents managed, compelled NATO members to pay for the protection the US gives them, recognised the threat of communism posed by China in influencing US institutions and stealing intellectual property. He saw to it that America did not get involved in foreign wars which none of his predecessors managed to achieve. He initiated a Middle East peace deal between the UAE and Israel that is unprecedented in its skilful marginalising of the Palestinian terrorist component.

If The Witness, like the rest of the mainstream media pack had not been covering up the extent to which the November 3 election was subjected to fraud, details such as the following would be widespread knowledge:

·       In Pennsylvania, after Republican observers were sent home, 580,000 votes were counted, 99,4% for Biden. In Nevada 60,000 out- of -state people voted. A truck driver delivered 270,000 out-of-state votes to Pennsylvania from New York on November 4.

·       More than 50 lawsuits have been registered along with thousands of affidavits alleging voting irregularities. These include multiple counting of ballots cast by illegal voters or out –of- state voters; large scale manufacturing of fake ballots, ballots cast by dead voters, ballots accepted without voter ID, mailed-in ballots separated from their envelopes that could not matched to a signature. 

·       According to Russel Ramsland of Allied Security Operations Group the Dominion voting system intentionally generates a high number of ballot errors – 68%, he observed – which then enter a process of adjudication. But that process has no oversight, no transparency and no audit trail. He advised against certifying votes that were processed by Dominion voting machines.

·       On December 18, John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence stated that  China, Iran and Russia were substantially involved in the November election.

·       Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg provided $400 million to the Democratic Party to be used in marginal Democrat districts. In so doing he violated the Help America Vote Act which requires federally approved resources to be equally available to all voters.

Having failed to remove Trump via the Mueller Report and the impeachment exercise, Deep State and the elite sought to deny him re-election by electoral fraud in seven key states. The 2020 Presidential election was stolen by the globalists and their allies. That is an incontrovertible fact. Trump gained 75 million votes, twelve million more than in 2016.

The Witness can rant all it likes but if it has a democratic fibre in itself, it should at least acknowledge that a significant number of people have a different view of Trump than the one paraded by the mainstream media pack – and in spite of the mainstream media pack.

So, barring divine intervention, Joe Biden will become the 46th president. But he is the Manchurian candidate – a person used as a puppet by an enemy power, namely, China. It will be interesting to see how his fecklessness is treated in future Witness editorials.

In conclusion, I have no illusions that none of the above will ever see itself in print because, as American revolutionary Tom Paine once said: To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.



The Mercury


Service delivery from eThekwini municipality needs to be subjected to ratepayer dictates in 2021 and not by trade unions whose members’ salaries are paid by ratepayers. The failure of DSW employees to collect refuse timeously in December is a case in point.

Thanks to the disregard of these workers, refuse piled up over a two week period in many Metro areas with health-threatening consequences. Then suddenly on New Year’s Day, a public holiday, DSW summoned the will to clear the self-created backlog. Their timing deceives nobody: it was to cash in on overtime pay rates for working on a public holiday.

So, not only do these employees show contempt for their municipal motto Batho pele –We Serve, but they do so to subject ratepayers to further exploitation.  To deter this attitude, one of two actions needs to be taken.

Either affected ratepayers could withhold that part of their refuse bill for which they received no service. Or, they could contract private companies to remove their refuse, like garden services operate, and arrange to disconnect from DSW altogether.

In several respects service delivery has been declining for years. The Metro as a concept is simply not the viable, economic and efficient entity which was promised at its inception 20 years ago. Besides, it has become unaffordable with its budget having increased 500% from 2010 to 2020.

 The only way to halt this state of affairs is to revert to smaller municipalities as was the case before 2000. That is what the Freedom Front Plus advocates. Smaller municipalities would also be able to dictate terms and conditions to trade unions instead of what is happening in eThekwini where trade unions dictate at the expense of ratepayers.

With local government elections due in September, 2021 needs to be the year that eThekwini municipality is reshaped and ratepayers’ rights and demands are prioritised.


The Mercury


The failure of The Mercury to publish my submission on China and Human Rights is very significant. It shows that where China is concerned, no adverse or critical opinions are tolerated. That, in turn,shows the extent to which The Mercury is beholden to the control of those who actively foster links and trade

with China and whose agenda has everything to do with material beneficiation whilst ignoring human rights.For a paper that routinely publishes stories about 'struggle heroes' who suffered under apartheid violations ofhuman rights, your failure to shine that torch at China is a deplorable example of hypocrisy.