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Editor-in Chief – Daily Maverick 168

Heather Robertson- Editor  posted December 20, 2020


“Real knowledge is for the few who insist on pursuing it. For the rest, education is mere shepherding” – Ezra Pound.

For some 2 years I have received the Daily Maverick and welcomed its incisive journalism regarding the rape of South Africa by the ANC. But with the advent of your Saturday 168 edition, a few issues which I missed until my PnP started stocking it, I have come to appreciate that your offerings are just a variation on a theme.

There are two themes in publication today: globalist or nationalist. Whilst your outpourings are strong on corruption and the malfeasance of the ANC, they are, nonetheless, firmly rooted in the globalist camp. You see, the more objective amongst us so-called ‘deplorables,’ recognise that the only differences in the mainstream media concern tone and volume. Beyond that, your message is broadly convergent.

So, to get into the Editor-in Chief’s harangue in today’s edition – December 19, 2020. Congratulations, Mr Brkic! You should syndicate your piece to the NY Times or Washington Post, because in terms of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) it is top notch. A tremendous attempt at psychoanalysis, Mr Brkic! Unfortunately, it exposed how little you understand what is actually going down in the world today.

Sovereign nationalism is under siege from globalism. Put another way, tradition, truth and heritage are being eviscerated by the nihilistic ideology of socialism which aims to reduce nations to Orwellian hemispheres. So for you to parade some sort of affinity with objectivity is risible.

President Trump is the first president probably since Teddy Roosevelt (1901-1909) who is not part of the swamp that has been elected to the Oval Office regardless which party won the election. That is why the swamp, mainstream media and Deep State have been relentless in trying to take him down and discredit him because they don’t control him. But that is all probably a bridge too far for your understanding, if I could imply a bit of your psychoanalysis.

The concluding line of your editorial rant is that “history will not be kind to both Trump and you, the people he conned.”  Certainly, one has no illusions about the subjectivity and jaundiced nature that your camp will produce about DJ Trump. But then there is history and propaganda. Those of us who adhere to Ezra Pound’s dictum will not waste our time or money on your ilk.

In that regard I am so pleased I did not get around to making a financial contribution to the Daily Maverick.  Instead I will be doubling my contribution to the IRR’s Daily Friend.

Proud "Deplorable”

PS: FYI: below is a piece I have submitted to your competition in the local globalist network, the Mercury and the Star.


Corruption and fraud in South Africa rightly command solid focus by the mainstream media. Yet despite overwhelming evidence of election fraud, foreign interference and manipulation of the 2020 US presidential election, mainstream publications like The Mercury ignore that situation. Why?

To claim that the allegations of electoral fraud are “baseless,” simply does not wash with reality. On December 18, John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence who leads 17 intelligence agencies in the US Government named China, Iran and Russia as interfering in the November election.

Supplying over $400m to Democratic Party counties in selected states, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sought to influence voters improperly. In so doing he violated the Help America Vote Act which requires federally approved resources to be equally available to all voters.

Russel Ramsland of Allied Security Operations Group has reported that the Dominion voting system intentionally generates a high number of ballot errors – 68%, he observed – which then enter a process of adjudication. But that process has no oversight, no transparency and no audit trail. He advised against certifying votes that were processed by Dominion voting machines. More than 28 states used those machines.

More than 50 lawsuits have been registered along with thousands of affidavits alleging voting irregularities. These include multiple counting of ballots cast by illegal voters or out –of- state voters; large scale manufacturing of fake ballots, ballots cast by dead voters, ballots accepted without voter ID, mailed-in ballots separated from their envelopes that could not matched to a signature.  Whistle-blowers and observers of electoral fraud in Georgia and Michigan have been intimidated and threatened along with their families.

In Pennsylvania, after Republican observers were sent home, 580,000 votes were counted, 99,4% for Biden. A lawsuit Nevada alleges that 60,000 out- of -state people voted. A truck driver delivered 270,000 out-of-state votes to Pennsylvania from New York. Susan Voyles, a veteran election observer, testified that without any security provisions, huge piles of early voting ballots were dumped in a warehouse open to the public in Fulton County, Georgia.

From these few references there can be no dispute that electoral fraud was widespread and well planned with the clear political intention of securing a Biden win. That is why on December 2, President Trump stated: “As President I have no higher duty than to defend the laws of the Constitution. That is why I am determined to protect our election system which is under co-ordinated assault and siege. If we don’t root out the fraud, we don’t have a country anymore.”

Trump’s refusal to concede the election has nothing to do with his personal ambitions but everything to do with upholding the constitution and the integrity of the electoral system. That is where media focus should be.




The Mercury


From the reported remarks of KZN premier Sihle Zikalala on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the constitution, it seems he does not place much value on credibility (The Mercury, December 11).

He demands the amending of section 25 of the constitution so that land can be expropriated without compensation for the sake of black empowerment and economic transformation. Yet simultaneously he states that African, white, Indian and coloured communities are “equal compatriots.” Besides the obvious contradiction and his attempt to project magnanimity, Zikalala deceives only the blind with his true intentions.

Whilst his call for people to familiarise themselves with the constitution is well and good, he should be more transparent by urging them to familiarise themselves with the Freedom Charter.  For it is the Freedom Charter that the ANC is implementing in calling for the constitutional amendment of property rights. As the Charter states, “All people have the right to occupy land wherever they choose” and “our people have been robbed of their birthright to land.” The reference to “our people” obviously does not include minority groups.

As with other aspects of the Freedom Charter, its goal is state control of all resources, manufacturing, banking, land, services and amenities, that is, communism, the most failed, ruthless and dystopian ideology in history. Consequently, the aims of the Freedom Charter amount only to a life of servitude presided over by a shameless, heartless Orwellian elite.

Ideologically hidebound, Zikalala remains impervious to the fact that property rights are a cornerstone of human rights; that the majority of land transfers have been economically disastrous while 90% of recipients of land restitution have preferred cash pay-outs rather than the land.

In that context, Commissar Zikalala’s populist rant heralding economic upliftment by expropriating land without compensation is devoid of credibility. The blunt reality of the situation in this country is that the welfare of the majority depends on the security of minorities.



The Star and several other papers


The scalpel-like journalism deployed during the Watergate affair to uncover wrongdoing is strangely lacking as the mainstream media ignore incontrovertible evidence of voter fraud and rigging in the US election.

If one had to rely on the mainstream media for information, one could be convinced that Biden is the president-elect and that America is looking forward to the scrapping of Trump’s policies. Significantly, access to alternative media sources tells a very different story.

Having failed to anticipate a Trump win in 2016, the Establishment, the mainstream media, Big Tech and what is called Deep State have colluded in attempting to sabotage a Trump win in 2020. As alternative sources are daily uncovering, the occurrence of incidents of vote rigging and fraud are too widespread and deliberate to be dismissed as aberrations.

Topping the attempt to manipulate the outcome is the action of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. It violated constitutional law by rewriting legislation concerning the deadline for the receipt of votes. Federally, it is 8pm on election-day. Thus, a batch of 450,000 votes, most of them suspiciously marked for Biden, was received and accepted on November 4, the day after the election. Yet when Trump was leading Biden by 10% in Pennsylvania, with 70% of the vote counted, enigmatically vote counting was halted and resumed only after the batch of 450,00 arrived.

In Wisconsin 250,000 votes were accepted without the requirement of voter identification. Glitches occurred in 16 states when voting machines operated by Smartmatic, a company bought with the aid of funds from Trump detractor, George Soros, flipped votes from Republican to Democrat. Ten thousand dead people returned mailed-in ballots in Michigan.

If none of the above is credible, how is the fact that hundreds of sworn affidavits have been obtained attesting to various acts of voter fraud and manipulation of ballots? Why have Twitter accounts of those closely involved in uncovering all this suddenly been frozen?  What is the agenda of those who so desperately want to prevent Trump from winning a second term?

The silence of the mainstream media on this is Orwellian.



The Daily News and several other papers

PERSPECTIVE ON US ELECTION  - posted 9 November 2020

The protracted outcome of the US presidential election is neither surprising nor exceptional.

The outcome of the 2000 presidential election between Bush and Gore was decided more than three weeks after election-day. Disputed vote counts in Florida were finalised only after the intervention of the US Supreme Court. It declared Bush the winner in Florida by 537 votes thereby adding Florida’s Electoral College votes to Bush who gained the presidency by one Electoral College vote – 271 to Gore’s 266.

For months President Trump has warned of the potential of electoral fraud as a result of mailed-in voting. But recognising the art of the steal, Trump’s critics and opponents  promoted the system. Ironically, the Democrats, who made unfounded accusations about electoral interference in Trump’s 2016 election, now find themselves being charged with election rigging in several states.

For example a stack of 400,000 mail-in votes arrived in Nevada days after November 3. Their legitimacy is questioned as to whether they reflect the votes of out- of- state people, dead people or if they are duplicate votes.  Adding to the uncertainty is the fact that vote recounts do not involve a verification process. In Philadelphia a batch of 23,770 ballots materialised belatedly and suspiciously, every one of them for Biden. In Wisconsin and Michigan, exceptional numbers of voters born a century ago were found in some districts.

In Pennsylvania, Trump was leading Biden by 55% to 45% when suddenly vote counting was ordered to stop.  Subsequently, when new votes were taken into account, Trump’s fortunes were dramatically reversed. In Arizona, the votes of several known Republican districts were omitted until scrutiny by Republicans brought about their inclusion.


The Mercury


In developed countries, corruption is an aberration. But in South Africa under the ANC corruption has become a norm that has developed into a vocation called looting. The reports in The Mercury of October 16 of the extent of this criminal state, besides being outrageous in the extreme, pose grave doubts as to South Africa’s future.

In exposing the looting of R300 million from Ugu, a municipality which cannot even manage a reliable water supply, one wonders why this shocking state of affairs was not brought to light by opposition parties much earlier. The task of opposition is not only to oppose but also to expose.

The report of a SANDF general’s wife on a fraud charge for R100 million is staggering not merely for the extent of her looting, but the fact that routine transparency and accountability in the financial affairs of the SANDF has been lacking. Otherwise, the blatant theft by this felon would have been picked up earlier.

Transparency and accountability are supposed to be fundamental principles of governance. But when we read of fraudulent CVs, false or non-existent qualifications, besides the practice of nepotism and cronyism, then it is no wonder that corruption and looting have become the norm.

It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that South Africa has fallen under the control of a vast criminal syndicate whose roots have penetrated all aspects of government and state owned enterprises.

As a result, the ANC and its adherents have shamelessly squandered one of the most essential norms of public life, namely, credibility. And they know it. That is why they keep publishing articles that attempt to glorify their past struggle so as to deflect attention away from the fact that the only thing they actually excel at is corruption and looting.



The Mercury

HERITAGE PERVERTED BY SYLLABUS  -  posted September 8, 2020

The merits of the letter concerning Heritage Month and how “differences can be used as assets as opposed to tools of conflict” (The Mercury, September 7), unfortunately are not being realised by aspects of the school syllabus.

The grade 11 History syllabus includes the subject of eugenics which serves as the lens through which race and racism in Australia, Namibia, the US, Germany and apartheid are examined.  Whilst it is important to create awareness of racial atrocities and  discrimination in the past, but by not extending that focus to  internecine tribal warfare and slavery in Africa and many parts of Asia, the inescapable impression is that only white people are racists.

Not surprisingly recent research on attitudes to race among grade 11 learners found “an uneasiness in accepting and feeling pride in racial identities” (The Post, September 2-8). How else are white learners supposed to feel when only historical negatives are propagated about whites? The lack of balance in the construction of the History syllabus is clearly intended to promote a guilt complex in white learners about their history and heritage. Yet the preamble of the constitution exhorts us to “respect those who have worked to build and develop our country.”

All periods of history are scarred and stained by tragedy and deeply flawed policies. Yet those annals also contain instances of upliftment, achievement and innovation that have proved universally beneficial and worthwhile. Unfortunately, by neglecting that context the current generation is being imbued with a view of the past that is imbalanced and politically motivated.


The Mercury

CUBAN CLAIMS CHALLENGED - posted 19 August 2020

In the communist lexicon, history and propaganda are one and the same. Cuban Ambassador Benitez Verson’s encomium of Fidel Castro (The Mercury, August 13) is a case in point.

Historically, it is true that Castro overthrew the corrupt, colonialist Battista regime. But Verson’s claim that Castro brought freedom to Cuba is pure propaganda. By imposing a one-party communist dictatorship, Castro plunged Cuba into oppression which persists to this day.

Historically, it is true that Cuba became independent of the American interests that had exploited it. But to claim, as Verson does, that Cuba became independent is propaganda. The reality is that in terms of dependence, Cuba became a virtual colony of the USSR.

In propaganda mode, Ambassador Verson condemns what he calls “crude capitalism.” But historically he is silent about the fact that Fidel Castro amassed a billionaire’s fortune. He boasts of the free material benefits available to Cubans, but is silent about the regime’s violations of basic human rights.

If social justice was a priority of the Cuban regime, Ambassador Verson should explain why its opponents are arbitrarily imprisoned, tortured or consigned to labour camps or why hundreds of thousands of Cubans have fled the country.

Ironically, despite all the virtues Ambassador Verson crows about, the remarks contained in this letter would be suppressed in Cuba and its writer imprisoned.



The Mercury


In accounting for the bleak state of municipal finances in KZN Finance MEC Ravi Pillay makes no reference to the two fundamental causes of the meltdown of governance in South Africa, namely, corruption and the ideology of transformation (The Mercury, August 18).

He ascribes the situation to “high levels of vacancies and the resignation of key officials” and that “most municipalities struggle with basic financial management processes.”  Unwittingly, Pillay is conceding that the ANC’s policy of transformation is the cause of the disastrous state that prevails in governance.

Institutional memory and skills are available but because they do not qualify in terms of the ANC’s rigid racial representivity quotas, they are ignored. Then, of course, there is the ANC’s policy of employing cadres irrespective of their skills or qualifications – a situation which facilitates looting.

Lamenting the state of municipal finances and service delivery without providing a solution has become the mantra of officials like Pillay who are powerless to fix the problem because their policies are the problem.

The ANC has had 26 years to prove their 1994 claim that they were “ready to govern.” In failing to do so they have retarded every functional aspect they inherited in 1994. In seeking to transform South Africa from an apartheid state to a non-racial state, the only and obvious policy that should have been applied is that of merit.

Instead, greed and racial vindictiveness has resulted in a new apartheid and baasskap based on black majoritarianism to the detriment of all.




PROFUSION OF RACE-BASED LAWS   - posted   6 August 2020

Much was made by the likes of Mandela after 1994 that non-racialism would characterise South Africa’s future and erase the cancer of race-based laws.

But 26 years on, race-based laws are actually more prolific than ever before. Let’s do the sums: between 1910 and 1948, seventeen race-based Acts of Parliament were passed. From 1949 to 1960, the foundation years of apartheid, 26 such Acts were promulgated. From 1960 to 1980, a further sixteen were passed. That totals 59 over a period of 70 years. From 1980, the NP began relaxing and dismantling apartheid.

According to researcher James Myburgh, since 1995, the ANC has promulgated 90 race-based laws in just 25 years.  Whereas the cornerstone of apartheid was the Population Registration Act of race identity, the ANC has premised its racial identity agenda on demographic representivity.

Just as apartheid laws permeated all aspects of life, racial representivity requirements have become mandatory in every field of activity. In the quest for ‘transformation,’   even the Petroleum Pipelines Act has to fulfil racial quotas and have black management. Annually every institution is required to report to the ministry of Labour on progress towards transformation. Job creation has become ideological bean counting.

All of this is in keeping with the SACP’s 1962 plan which called for revolutionary national racialization and is fundamental to the SACP’s National Democratic Revolution. Whereas South Africa survived the cancer of apartheid, the oppression and dystopia of  communism is a terminal virus.



US violence has historical parallels  - posted to Washington Times, 2 August 2020


History has an unerring way of repeating itself. In parts of the US between the 1830s and 1850s, anti-slave and abolition movements were subjected violence, discord and the perversion of civil liberties by those who opposed emancipation and wanted slavery legitimised throughout the US.  The year 2020 is witnessing violence and anarchy in several American cities perpetrated by the radical BLM and Antifa movements whose aim is to abolish capitalism, heritage and history and to subject all to the servitude of socialism.

From the passage of the Fugitive Slave Law of 1793, which entitled slave-masters to the return of escaped slaves, the issue of slavery and its right to exist in the US dominated and inflamed domestic politics. While opposed by humanitarians in the Northern states, slavery was regarded as essential to the South’s economy and way of life. Agitation to abolish slavery commenced in 1829 with the publication of William Lloyd Garrison’s The Liberator which blackguarded slaveholders in lurid detail. Following a slave insurrection in 1831, Southerners claimed that Garrison’s incendiary articles had provoked the uprising and demanded measures to suppress his paper.

What followed in many Northern states showed that emotions about the abolition of slavery were not rooted in emancipation but rather in racism. Philanthropists and advocates of emancipation were bitterly attacked – verbally and physically. Elijah Lovejoy, who persisted in printing his abolitionist paper, was murdered by a mob in Illinois after his printing press was thrown into a river. In May 1838, a crowd of 3,000 surrounded a hall built by Philadelphia abolitionists who were having a meeting. After breaking windows and chasing out the abolitionists, the hall was burnt down. In 1842 several houses belonging to coloured folk in Philadelphia were burned but not before mobs of whites had vandalised the area.

Undeterred by violence, by 1836 there were more than 500 anti-slavery societies in the Northern states. Reflective of the moral impact abolitionists were having was the establishment in 1835 at Oberlin in Ohio of the first college in the US to enrol black students. The presidential election of 1840 saw the fielding of the first anti-slavery candidate.

Seething with anger at the success of the abolitionist movement and what was called the ‘underground railroad’ which assisted runaway slaves to freedom, in 1836 Southerners prevailed on the Congress to pass a ‘gag resolution’ preventing debate on the domestic slave trade that was carried out in Washington DC. Subsequent resolutions passed prohibited any reference to slavery. Thanks to the persistence of John Quincy Adams,  Northern congressmen were able to repeal the ‘gag resolutions’ in 1844.

By 1850 the lines of division, distrust and alienation between North and South were distinct and an irrepressible conflict was smouldering. With hundreds of thousands of European immigrants settling in the Northern states, the South’s political representation and power in Congress could be sustained only by expanding slavery westwards into new territories that would become states in due course.

In 1855 conflict erupted in the new territory of Kansas when Southerners clashed with Northerners in a desperate attempt to promote slavery and thereby gain a slave state when Kansas qualified to join the Union.  Settlers from New England were attacked by gangs of Southerners. Both sides were armed and the situation was described as “bleeding Kansas.”

 Senator Charles Sumner’s summing up of the situation at that time has great relevance for the present crisis of unrest in the US. “It puts freedom and slavery face to face and bids them grapple. Who can doubt the result?” The outcome, as we know, was civil war which saw slavery abolished at the cost of 625,000 American lives. The civil war nearly destroyed the United States and left bitter legacies which persist to this day.

The agenda of the marxist BLM and Antifa  is to exploit race by promoting hate and division and to ‘cancel culture,’ as they term their Orwellian aim of obliterating history and heritage.   The danger they and their politically- correct allies in Hollywood, the Congress and the media pose to the future of the US is as great as President Lincoln faced in 1861.



The Mercury

BLM IN PERSPECTIVE  - posted 23 July 2020

Despite the media admission by its founders that BLM is Marxist in ideology and is intent on weaponising race so as to foment social discord and division, it is a disgrace that by its editorials of July 17 and 22, The Mercury sees fit to play along with this chicanery.

The Mercury exhorts “white South Africans to heed the call for change which has been amplified by the BLM.” What change is The Mercury advocating? The change that the BLM wants is to “disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family, to abolish the police, prisons and capitalism.” That was stated by BLM on July 7 on CNN and can be read on the Gatestone Institute website posted on July 7.

The first BLM objective is to exploit racial emotions and to hobble white people psychologically by inducing a guilt complex about their history and heritage.  Apparently only white people are imbued with this disease called “systemic racism” which promotes “victimhood” among black people.

Ironically, the biggest cause of “victimhood” among black people is what they impose on themselves through black-on-black violence and the indifference of their leaders towards their welfare as exemplified by the plight of black people in Zimbabwe and the growing black poverty under the ANC in South Africa. If black lives really matter, then black people need to get their own house in order before pointing fingers.

Let’s be clear about this whole mantra of “change” and “transformation:” It is a scapegoat intended simultaneously to deflect attention from the failure of ANC rule and to reduce whites to the status of bywoners. 

So, as a fifth generation white South African whose forebears from 1850 played an honourable role in working to develop the country, as the preamble of our constitution reminds us to note, I bend my knee only to Jesus Christ.




The Mercury


Amid the many indications of the radical changes rocking the US political system, none is more significant than the announcement by 43 former George Bush Republican officials that they will be voting for Democrat Joe Biden in the November election rather than Republican President Donald Trump (The Mercury, July2).

For the likes Colin Powell, John Bolton and others within the Republican establishment, their preference for Biden is an unambiguous indicator of their true political roots. Since the presidency of Franklin D Roosevelt, the only real differences between the Democratic and Republican parties have been limited to tone and volume.  Although at grass roots level, there were liberal and conservative differences, their respective presidents embraced the welfare system and shared similar foreign policy views. As such, they constituted the Establishment and enjoyed the support of the mainstream media and the Ivy League institutions.

The 2016 election of Donald Trump rather than the Establishment’s candidate, Hillary Clinton, signalled the beginning not only of a concerted effort to destroy Trump and to remove him, but also fundamental rebranding of the Democratic and Republican parties. In response to Trump’s anti-Establishment, anti-globalist policies premised on traditional, Christian, conservative values, epitomised by his slogan “Make America Great Again,” the Democratic Party has turned up the volume in favour of globalism, open borders and socialism.

Trump has outraged the political Establishment by exposing the rot in American politics and its Tweedledee, Tweedledum nature. But in rebranding the Republican Party as the party that respects history, heritage and traditional values and which puts America first, Trump has given voters a real choice between the two major parties.

History will credit Trump as the catalyst in the overdue reformation of America’s political structure.


The Editor

The Mercury

TROJAN HORSE STRATEGY OF BLM  - posted 11 July 2020

Marxists have always excelled in the formation of front organisations through which they promote their agenda. In many cases such organisations appear innocuous and well-meaning and consequently attract popular support.

In considering the controversy that has arisen over Black Lives Matter, (The Mercury, July 10), it is necessary to distinguish between the founders of BLM and its popular support. BLM was founded in 2015 by three individuals, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi. By their own admission they are “trained Marxists.” BLM’s official programme is to “disrupt the Western, prescribed nuclear family structure” and to abolish capitalism, the police and prisons (CNN and the Gatestone Institute, July 7).

The aiams of BLM have little to do with advancing black lives and improving social relations. On the contrary, the dystopia their agenda would establish would be a nightmre of poverty and misery for all, except the maration of BLM sows division and inflames racial feelings. That is precisely what its founders intend and which is a key part of Saul Alinsky’s  1971 eight- point Rules for Raxist elite.

As the July 10 edition of The Mercury showed, the propagdicals programme to exploit class and race so as to tear a society apart and transform it into a marxist dystopia.

As such, the BLM movement is a Trojan horse strategy.  By exploiting emotions and inducing guilt over history, heritage and cultural values, the BLM agenda seeks to compel the abdication of those in authority. Failure to recognise that reality was clearly expressed by Democrat New York City mayor Bill de Blasio on July 9 when he stated: “We have to respect these [BLM] protests as historic moments of change.”The hypocrisy of  BLM’s focus in promoting black victimhood is that it ignores what black people inflict on themselves. According to the Global Slavery Index, there are 9.2 million slaves in Africa enslaved by Africans. Over the recent July 4 weeke
nd, 80 people were shot in Chicago and 64 in New York City. Almost all were victims of black-on-black violence. The silence of  BLM on such issues is an indictment of its true colours.  -----------------------------------------------


The Mercury

FREEDOM CHARTER UNTRUTHS  - posted 1 July 2020


The only conclusion that can be drawn from Benjamin Roberts’ effusive praise of the Freedom Charter (The Mercury, June 29) is that such articles serve to prosper deceit.

The claim that the Freedom Charter was “not drawn up by a small group of visionaries seeking to impose their ideals” is untrue. There may well have been widespread input as to what people wanted. But the reality is that not only was the Charter the work of SACP members Lionel Bernstein, Joe Slovo, Ben Turok and Ruth First, but the process of its conception was charted by SACP front organisations, namely, the Congress of the People, the Congress of Democrats, the SA Peace Council, Federation of Women and others.

The Freedom Charter mirrors the ideals of communism: all land, resources, banks and manufacturing belong to the people and are maintained on their behalf by the state.  Free health- care and education for all: controlled by the state.  Employment, housing and security for all: guaranteed by the state.

Nowhere is private enterprise, private ownership and multi-party democracy enshrined in the Freedom Charter. From start to finish, it is premised on collectivisation and the predominant role of the state which, as is increasingly obvious in South Africa, means the SACP/ANC.

Another of Benjamin Roberts’ blatant falsehoods is that the Charter reflects “bottom-up governance.” The top-down, undemocratic, unconstitutional conduct of the cabal within the ANC handing down Covid-19 regulations proves otherwise. The vice-like grip of communists within trade unions also makes a mockery of so-called bottom-up governance.

In claiming that the Charter “holds lessons concerning needs and aspirations” and that we should be “asking about the type of society desired,” it is remarkable that Roberts is unable to see the progressive failure of socialist policies in every aspect of governance in South Africa. Yet incredibly he asserts that the Charter “was ahead of its time in inspiring progressive change.”

The coercive, undemocratic communist ideals of the Freedom Charter were rejected by hundreds of millions in Eastern Europe and the former USSR over 30 years ago. Yet sadly, that same communist hegemony is currently oppressing and impoverishing the peoples of Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea which is why the Freedom Charter should be renamed the Servitude Charter.


STATUES  AND HISTORY  - posted 18 June 2020


Statues and monuments provide not only reference to times past, but more importantly, they provide context to history and to the march of change.

The measure of change depends on precedents. If those are erased or removed, then by what means can one point to progress and change? A school report card or an accountant’s review of income, profit and loss is without relevance unless it makes reference to previous results and performance.

In considering whether a statue or monument is worthy of preservation, some basic criteria should apply. If racial discrimination is the only criterion, then every statue and monument would have to be removed – from the pyramids to Queen Victoria and most things in between.

For those who seek to celebrate non-racialism in South Africa, statues of Jan Smuts and Louis Botha are a reminder of the road that has been travelled to achieve that goal. Without those reminders, there is no reference to appreciate from what one has been liberated.

Since we live in a fallen world, all periods in history are stained by wrong-doing and tragedy. Statues can serve as reminders of the need not to repeat such experiences. At the same time, however, statues are reminders of achievement. To justify removing statues of Washington and Jefferson purely on the grounds that they were slave-owners, while ignoring their roles as founders of the USA, is unreasonable and unacceptable.

A vital aspect of the conversation to review historical monuments (The Mercury, editorial, June 17) is the need to inquire where this is leading. If statues and monuments are removed, books, films and libraries will be next. Those at the forefront of this movement are simply using race as an issue with which to promote a guilt complex about history and heritage. Their real goal was expressed by George Orwell in his novel Nineteen Eighty Four where, having vanquished the past, “nothing exists except an endless present” over which only the rule and opinion of the Party prevails. History is life’s greatest teacher.



The Mercury


The renewed clamour by the educated ignorant for the removal of the statue of Cecil Rhodes at Oxford University reeks of hypocrisy (The Mercury, June 11).

Afflicted by RDS – Rhodes Derangement Syndrome – which has induced emotional hyper-ventilation, their demands are devoid of credibility for the following reasons.

·       At a conference held at Oxford University in 2003 attended by British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former US President and Rhodes scholar Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela, the Rhodes Trust was renamed the Mandela-Rhodes Trust. Concluding his speech on that occasion, Mandela quipped: “Cecil, you and I are going to have to work together now” (Daily Express, June 10, 2020).

·       Oxford University Chancellor Lord Chris Patten has pointed out that each year at least twelve African students benefit from the Mandela-Rhodes Trust.

·       The custodians of the Mandela-Rhodes Trust, which is worth £100 million, have threatened to withdraw it if the University bows to demands to remove Rhodes’ statue.

As Lord Patten told the protesters, if they cannot embrace freedom of thought and the spirit shown by Mandela in 2003, they should consider enrolling at some other university. “If the problems associated with Rhodes’ history were alright for Nelson Mandela, I have to say it’s alright with me,” said Patten.

History without context is like a building without a foundation. For a professor of black studies at Birmingham University, Kehinde Andrews, to justify the removal of statues because  “statues are not about history, statues are about a certain version of history,”  (The Mercury, June 11), shows ignorance of how history and heritage are compiled. Besides, what makes Andrews think that his version of history is more appropriate?

History is a vast, multi-faceted tapestry of human experience. CJ Rhodes is a part of that tapestry.  Whatever views are held



ANC UNMASKED - POSTED 11 June 2020. Sent to Mercury, Witness, Star . Not published

It is ironic that in regulating civil liberties in response to the Covid-19 virus, which has included the mandatory wearing of face masks, the ANC has unmasked itself.

Anxious to exploit the lockdown so as to accelerate its national democratic revolution, the goal of which is a totalitarian communist state, the ANC has exposed its hard core socialist nature and intent. Nowhere was that more apparent than in the declaration by Ramaphosa himself when he stated his objective of getting rid of the “racist, colonialist based economy” and replacing it with a state-controlled one.

Having derived his billionaire wealth from the economic system he now despises, Ramaphosa has unmasked his hypocrisy. The state-controlled economy he envisages has a history of impoverishment and failure. It’s the reason the USSR collapsed and why people flee from Cuba and Venezuela.

Micromanagement, which is one of the hallmarks of socialist societies, has been glaringly evident in the undemocratic and irrational regulations imposed by the secretive National Command Centre. The arbitrary arrests of people and police brutality we have witnessed, despite the provisions of the Bill of Rights, have reflected the type of callous disregard with which citizens of the Soviet Union were treated.

The fact that the ANC regime is now sending police to communist China to be trained is further evidence of its unmasked character. Is there a parallel here with Zimbabwe when Mugabe used North Korean-trained forces to bludgeon the Ndebele into submission? Should we be joining the dots to what minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said recently about inducing “class suicide” (referring, of course, to whites) so as to expedite the establishment of a one-party, socialist state? Her rhetoric certainly resembles the Marxist-Leninist philosophy that a society must be ended before it can be mended.

The most significant feature  the lockdown has unmasked is the real nature and intent of an organisation that claims to be a liberator of human rights. The brutal and senseless killing of Collins Khoza along with draconian, jackboot, undemocratic, regulatory micromanagement and the wrecking of education and the economy has exposed the ANC for what it really is: a communist front hellbent on dystopia for the masses while the party elite, like the pigs in Orwell’s Animal Farm, enjoy secluded luxury.


The Mercury



There is little to fault in KZN finance MEC Ravi Pillay’s comprehensive and realistic overview of the challenges to the province’s economy until one reaches the line which states: “all our measures must be underpinned by the principles of transformation” (Mercury, June 2).

Pillay acknowledges that economic recovery is a “most complex problem” in the light of the estimated 6,8% contraction of the economy and the revenue shortfalls. He calls for as “united and collective effort” to achieve “significant economic growth.” Obviously, that is what we all want. But if that aim is premised on the basis of what is called “transformation,” it is doomed.

Already key voices in the ANC have made it clear that the Covid-19 crisis must be exploited to advance a radical socialist agenda. The President has vowed to get rid of the “racist, colonialist” economic system from which he derived his billionaire wealth. His cabinet colleague, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, has indicated her preference for the removal of a class of people, meaning whites, to facilitate radical economic transformation.

Therefore, Mr Pillay, please explain:

·        How you propose to achieve your laudable economic aims when the heavy weights in your party seek to alienate a vital sector of the population which not only generates a big chunk of the taxes you need but is also vital in providing infrastructure services?

·        On what basis your call for a “united collective effort” can be justified when those with skills and the ability to make a meaningful contribution to the province’s economy and welfare are subjected to racist demographic discrimination?

·        How the implementation of socialist economics will produce economic upliftment when historically it has succeeded only in making people equal in poverty and mediocrity?

The preamble of the constitution does not discriminate on the basis of race when it states that we are “united in our diversity.” In that spirit, the process and aims of “transformation” are not only unconstitutional but are as flagrantly racist as the baasskap of apartheid.


The Mercury



One of the perks of being in power is to present propaganda as history, a task KZN  premier Sihle Zikalala carries out with panache (Mercury, May 25).

In his tribute to Africa Day, Zikalala predictably places the blame for Africa’s plight on the legacy of colonialism. The fact that colonialism ended 60 years ago and was replaced by despots like Nkrumah, Mugabe, Mengistu, Machel and a dozen others who plundered and waged war against their own people is peripheral to Zikalala’s view of history.

So it is risible for Zikalala to talk about a “vision of integration” as long as millions in Africa have refugee status because of the internecine warfare that has plagued this continent since the demise of colonialism.  Xenophobia which prevails in South Africa proves that the brotherhood of which Zikalala boasts is a figment of his imagination.

Africa has more failed states than any other continent, so for Zikalala to endorse the idea that “our fortunes are linked to those of our fellow African nations,” is rather disturbing if not something of a death wish for South Africa.

For sheer hypocrisy it hard to beat Zikalala’s invitation“for skilled workers from all over the world to ply their trade” here. Yet skilled workers who happen to be white, coloured and Indian in South Africa are denied the opportunity to ply their skills because Zikalala’s ideology practises racial discrimination. His celebration of the contribution of communists to South Africa's history is also misplaced. It is the result of implementing their economics that South Africa's economy has declined. The sad history of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and  Tanzania, amongst others, stands in testimony to the failure of socialist economics. 

Zikalala’s concluding appeal for Africa to “rise again” is another distortion of history. The only aspects of Africa that are in the ascendant are unemployment, poverty and debt all of which are flourishing under ANC rule of South Africa. 



The Mercury



Gerry Nelson (Mercury, May 5) is quite correct in stating that in combatting the Corona virus the ANC is advancing socialism.

The lockdown is in fact proceeding in lockstep with the eight- phase strategy Saul Alinsky proclaimed in 1971 by which a country can be transformed into socialist dictatorship.

Already, despite its unaffordability and impracticality, the ANC is forging ahead with the imposition of NHI. State control of health is the first step followed by increased levels of poverty and dependence on state aid. With 18 million people dependent on state grants, up from 2,4 million in 1994, the Alinsky plan is on track.

Allied with that  is food control. Under the ANC’S Covid-19 combat regulations, only provincial and local government may distribute food. Anyone else has to apply for a permit to do so. And of course permit application, inevitably, is tied up in red tape and delays so as to frustrate and discourage private initiative. Yet ironically, the government happily accepted billions of Rand in welfare aid from the private sector.

Besides, as everyone knows, service delivery from all levels of government is corrupt and inefficient. Worse still, by insisting on controlling food distribution to the needy, the ANC has politicised a fundamental of life, a strategy Stalin understood very well in the 1930s, which is fifth on the Alinsky list.

Promoting debt is third on the Alinsky programme. The squeeze put on private enterprise by inflexible labour regulations and B-BBEE has already flat-lined economic growth. The lockdown is having a terminal effect on even more business ventures, thus increasing debt, poverty and ultimately state dependence.

Gun control, at number four, is already mired in swathes of red tape aimed at disarming the law-abiding. And suddenly we have 73,000 militia out  protecting the government from those who may challenge its authoritarian regulations. Education at number six has progressed well in lowering standards and churning out illiterates. Religion at number seven may be a hold-out in securing all eight of the Alinsky plan. But the eighth phase, class warfare, is a firm favourite of socialists.

Between the likes of Malema who has promised the slaughter of whites at some future point, discrimination against whites in terms of demographic representivity and now discrimination against whites in terms of food parcel distribution and business aid, the demonization and marginalisation of whites is on track.

Adroit appeals to the Concourt seem to be the only avenue left to head off the worst of the Alinsky socialist dystopia.




The Mercury/ Witness/ Star

ANC PROMOTING RE-COLONISATION   -  posted 27 April 2020

It is a reality that adversity provides opportunity. The economic meltdown as a consequence of combatting the corona virus has provided China with a golden opportunity to exploit shattered economies so as to advance its aim of being the dominant world power by 2049 – the centenary of Communist power in China.

Mineral-rich but economically weak countries like South Africa are prime targets within China’s strategy. In July 2018, on his visit here, China’s political boss Xi Jinping promised $14,7 billion in investments (R220 billion). Now with President Ramaphosa’s announcement of a R500 billion stimulus package, China is set to contribute half the package.

Already China has substantial stakes in our metallurgical industry. It has a 20% share in Standard Bank while the likes of Telkom promote its IT arm, Huawei. Put bluntly, China is buying up South Africa. It is also busy doing that across the Western world.

In the UK, as the Gatestone Research Institute points out (22 April 2020), the BBC receives funding from Huawei. As the Australian government has belatedly discovered, China has been buying up real estate, particularly farms.  China is a major sponsor of the US National Basketball Association. When the manager of one of the teams, the Houston Rockets, tweeted support for the pro-democracy campaigners in Hong Kong, China demanded an apology from the Basketball Association.

The ANC government is naïve if it thinks China’s financial interests in South Africa are altruistic. The reality is that by accepting Chinese aid and investment, the ANC is promoting the re-colonisation of South Africa.


The Mercury and The Witness

VIRUS VICTIMS’ RIGHTS DENIED  - posted 21 April 2020

History shows that crises are exploited by governments to extend authoritarianism. When that occurs, civil liberties suffer. The peremptory declaration by the KZN premier Sihle Zikalala that all those who test Covid-19 positive will be forced into government isolation facilities, is a case in point (Mercury, April 20).

Compelling those who have become infected to be placed under state isolation is the equivalent of being detained. In terms of section 35 of the constitution, detainees have rights, one of which is to challenge the lawfulness of that detention - section 35 (2) (d).

Already the extension of the lockdown beyond the 21 day period is in conflict with the constitution which requires the assent of the National Assembly to extend a state of emergency. That did not happen.

So now we have, without any democratic discussion, a provincial mandarin unilaterally suspending provisions of the Bill of Rights and dictating the terms and conditions by which virus victims will be treated. In a previous era that was called baasskap.

What is particularly disquieting about this situation is that it conforms to the eight point socialist Alinsky plan of how to extend complete lockdown of state control over every aspect of life. Controlling healthcare is the first priority and accords fittingly with the ANC’s long term national democratic revolution strategy.




The Mercury

CUBA IS A POLICE STATE -   posted April 8, 2020

Having just resumed my subscription of the Mercury after almost four months in protest against the excessive preference given to SACP/ANC propaganda news and views, it is shameful that despite the Mercury’s historic tradition in support of liberal democracy it continues to publish communist falsehoods exemplified by the article eulogising Cuba as a “beacon of hope to the world” (April 6).

The sycophantic outpourings of the likes of Phatse Piitso praising the educational and medical services available in Cuba can in no way mask the reality of life in Cuba. As a recent article in the left-leaning Guardian newspaper of London conceded, Cuba remains a one-party police state.

The communist Cuban regime does not tolerate dissent or democracy. Human rights of freedom of speech, the press, association and mobility that conflict with communist ideology are brutally repressed.

If Cuba was truly a “beacon of hope,” the question to be asked is: why do Cubans continue to try to escape from it? The ANC is entitled to delude itself about Cuba. But in publishing those delusions, the Mercury should feature counter articles in the interests of factual balance and truth.


The Mercury


 ANC government’s capitulation to the taxi bosses as to how many passengers taxis may transport has several negative implications (Mercury, April 3).

Every business and industry is losing money as a result of the lockdown. In this regard, why should the taxi industry be treated any differently from all other businesses? Why is their financial predicament more pressing than that of others?

 Making an exception to the taxi industry by relaxing the taxi passenger quota has significant implications:

·        It makes a mockery of the President’s fervent appeals to comply with the need for personal isolation.

·        It will expedite the spread of the Corona virus and consequently compel the lockdown to be extended beyond the 21 day period;

·        It questions the capacity of the ANC government to impose its authority. Are we being ruled by the elected or by the unelected?

For too long the taxi industry has been a law unto itself. It is a rogue element that disregards the rules of the road, is colour blind as regards traffic lights and treats the safety of its passengers with indifference. Failure to compel this rogue industry to comply with the road rules now poses a threat to the health of the whole country.




ANC IS A FRONT FOR THE SACP  - posted [and published]4 March 2020

The editorial comment in Post of February 26 concerning the SACP’s negative influence on South Africa is to be applauded for daring to expose the truth about South Africa’s economic stagnation and decline.

As any diligent student of the history of communism knows, wherever Marxism-Leninism has been imposed, human rights, democracy and individual enterprise have been suppressed and proscribed. Communist totalitarian  tyranny cost the lives of over 100 million people in Russia and China during the 20th century and many more millions in South East Asia, Eastern Europe and parts of Africa such as Ethiopia and Mozambique.

Since 1950, following the banning of the SACP by the Malan government, the SACP has been an incubus within the ANC. The Freedom Charter was drawn up in 1955 by communists -  Joe Slovo, Ben Turok and Ruth First. It is a blueprint for communist state control of all aspects of life and is now being applied via the Leninist programme known as the National Democratic Revolution (NDR).

Refusal to privatise SAA, Eskom and other state-owned entities reflects SACP ideology which is for state control of all resources, manufacturing, land and banks. Refusal to abolish B-BBEE and inflexible racist labour legislation and to apply merit as the sole criterion for eligibility for posts, promotions and procurements is a result of SACP control of the ANC. Expropriation of land without compensation and the imposition of the totally flawed and unaffordable National Health Insurance are core NDR and Freedom Charter policies.

Economic growth and prosperity can occur only when state strictures on the economy and resources are minimised as President Trump has demonstrated in the US. But, as you rightly stated in your editorial, Mr Editor, “as long as the SACP is shaping our country’s policies, that won’t happen here.”  Well, not until voters wise up to the reality that the ANC is simply a front for the SACP.



The Witness


While one sympathises with the plight of pensioners dependent on the state for their old-age grants, Julie Smith’s plea for those grants to be increased by almost 30% (The Witness, February 18) suggests a lack of realism as to how governments acquire money.

Governments don’t create money –unless they print it like in Zimbabwe and destroy its value in the process. Without taxation, no government can function legitimately. The R6,2 billion the government currently provides for old age pensions is derived from taxes. To increase that by 30% would require increasing taxes or finding new sources to tax.

In any event, the effect of tax increases would be reflected in price increases which, in turn, would  soak up the increase in pension funding. As Harold Wilson once said, “one man’s pay rise is another man’s price rise.”

With our economy flat-lining and the army of unemployed increasing, a tax hike is not in the interests of anyone as it would push up prices and cause more business failures.

To afford more funding for pensioners, the economy needs to be stimulated so that more tax revenue can be generated. And that can only occur if prescriptive labour legislation is repealed along with the costly effects of B-BBEE and the Luddite influence of trade unions is brought to heel.


The Witness

The political v alue of electricity - posted 15 Jan 2020

While striving to transform South Africa into a socialist state, what is remarkable is the ANC’s failure to appreciate the historical role electrification played in the transformation of Russia into a communist state.

Within two years of seizing power in Russia, on Lenin’s orders an electrification commission was established. Its 500 page report in 1920 detailed plans for the construction of a network of 30 regional power stations.

Electrification was regarded as a priority for the industrialisation of the USSR. Lenin also understood the political value of bringing electricity to farms and villages across Russia. Bare light bulbs, called “Ilyich lamps” after Lenin’s second name, illuminating peasant homes conveyed a very tangible message to the masses of the achievement of communism.

By not only failing to expand the capacity of the Eskom grid but hastening its demise through lack of maintenance and mismanagement, the ANC is committing a huge political mistake. For there is only negative propaganda value in load-shedding because, for once, that cannot be blamed on apartheid.

Nothing can be more damning for a regime than its failure to keep the lights on. The transformation message the ANC is propagating through Eskom’s failure is one of de-industrialisation, disinvestment, further unemployment, further social distress. Hardly reasons to vote ANC or to celebrate its vintage.